All About TPA Navigator

Brand Friendly

Promote YOUR brand, not ours!  Your brand identity is prominent throughout the application.  Unique URL with your website; Favicon and brand identity show on the browser tab.  Your customers will know they are connecting with you.

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Secure 100% Cloud-based

No server maintenance.  No individual PC installations.  Browser-based application delivered directly to your web-enabled device 24/7.  Built on the Microsoft Azure backbone with Azure Active Directory.

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“All Features Included” Model

No a la carte pricing here! Just a full-featured application delivered at a reasonable price.  Use what you like. Implement features as they make sense. Turn-off features you don’t need. It’s your program.  Customize at will!

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Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Highly Customizable

Turn-on / Turn-off Features; change color schemes; name key elements to match your business.

Amazing App Features

System Defaults allow you to make the application work for you.  Choose from predefined color schemes or create your own.

User Specific Portals

Portals have been designed to provide information pertinent to key users. Portals for TPA, Client, and Advisors included.

Amazing App Features

Portals were designed with the intended user in mind.  Intuitive interfaces allow users the ability to navigate with ease.

Secure File Exchange

Exchange information comfortably with your clients through the dedicated Secure File Exchange

Amazing App Features

Allow clients and their advisors to access key files through the Secure File Exchange.

Task Management

Generate automated task assignments to TPA users. Manage and reassign tasks. Set and monitor task deadlines.

Amazing App Features

Individual users can see their tasks on the User Dashboard organized by deadline with priority flags.

Workflow Management

Create and apply workflows for ANY project. Apply to clients, plans, or TPA users for ANY business function.

Amazing App Features

Workflows auto generate tasks and emails based on defined triggers.  Customize an unlimited number of simple or complex workflows for your practice.  Report on workflow status at all levels.

Year End Tracking

Track information gathering for all elements required to file Form 5500. Information Gathering is interactive with user Portals.

Amazing App Features

Users can see clearly the status of information gathering at any level – TPA, Individual User, Plan Year End, etc.

Communications Module

Generate and log professional mass email communications using the SendGrid backbone.

Amazing App Features

Filter to specific clients for effective communications.  Includes default templates that can be customized to meet your needs.

Custom Report Builder

Use default reports or create your own. Create custom report dashboards to share with TPA Users. Export outputs to Excel or PDF.

Amazing App Features

Dashboards can be shared with one or many TPA Users, at the discretion of the System Administrator.  Users can resize and reconfigure their dashboard to present as they like.

User Administration

Provide users with the appropriate level of authority to view and work with system modules.

Amazing App Features

Includes customizable role management for individual modules within the application.

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Screenshot Gallery

Everyone Loves a Preview

Sample Login Screen with Custom Color
Sample TPA User Dashboard Screen with Custom Color
Sample Advisor Portal Screen with Custom Color
Sample Client Portal Screen Custom Color
Sample Communication & Activity Log Custom Color
Sample TPA User Client Overview Custom Color

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